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Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 first look and review

Main page Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 first look and review

Review: Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000

Janome`s Memory Horizon 12000

The Japan brand Janome have proudly introduced its new embroidering machine, Horizon Memory Craft 12000, the device that ôwill change how you sew. Maybe it`s true, or maybe not, so let`s see through the new MC 12000`s abilities and make our own decision.

First thing that you`ll see is the biggest Janome`s machine workspace ever: 15ö plate of stainless steel in the bed and 11ö of it to the right of the needle. This will allow using more space for work, to place bigger materials and have a lot of free space to your hand.

Step forward in embroidery design: Horizon Link

Horizon Link

Memory Craft 12000 allows you not only make embroidery designs and watch it but also connect your machine to the PC and use whole monitor to see the smallest details of the design. Of course, this is not only function of the Horizon Link: using it you can use the mouse to manipulate and change design, and even type words and phrases from the keyboard: very useful function if you are going to embroidery some text. And, of course, this ability would be imperfect without printing your design right from monitor. All of it makes using internet very convenient. Just download free machine embroidery designs here and send it to your machine!

The new feeding system AcuFeed Flex

AcuFeed Several years ago Janome introduced brand new feeding system AcuFeed. This system prevented the bottom layer of fabric you quilt from feeding at the same speed as the top ones. And in this embroidery machine the system is improved and finished for more usability and effortless quilting. There are several options of AcuFeed Flex working: Dual Feed Single and Twin Type. This allows choosing the most suitable type for different situations.

Complete set for your creativity

Stitch Composer

New abilities of the Memory Horizon 12000 don`t stop to impress. If you don`t want to use free embroidery designs or another types of it, just make your own! The Stitch Composer allows you to invent your own stitch based on standard one or on your fantasy only. Every little piece of the stitch can be changed, adjusted or removed and all that is as easy as never. Convenient tools help to create stitches, copy and paste them, even make a visual animation to watch how the stitch will be embroidered. And here is another connection with Horizon Link: create stitches or edit more than 400 built-in ones on your PC and send it to the machine.

The best embroidery tools ever

Linear Motion

The new Linear Motion Embroidery System is probably one of the most convenient embroidery machine units ever. This is adjustable unit which allows you to embroider comfortably when you`re at home or at work and transport the machine easily due to its removability. This is Janome`s brand new device which allows you to enjoy Hi-End embroidering industry innovations and feel the tomorrow today.


New embroidery hoops are introduced as 4 specially designed ones to take all of advantages of Linear Motion System. There are Free Arm Embroidery Hoop perfect to embroider cuffs and sleeves, Standard Square one, best for free embroidery designs, The Big Square (230 x 230 mm), ideal for in-the-hoop quilting and the Biggest Janome`s hoop ever: 300 x 230 mm of pure embroidering. So now you can embroider and quilt everything, from small to big size without any efforts.

Auto presser foot lift

The Auto Presser Foot Lift lifts the presser foot automatically when the thread snip button is pressed, or the programmed thread cut is at the end of decorative stitches row. Just keep hands on your material.

9mm stitch width 9 mm Width Stitch is another of ôthe biggestö of the MC 12000: using it you can make your stitches more distinct. Almost all the built-in stitches take full advantage of this function and of course your own stitches can support this.

Instant plate convert

Fast needle plate changing is essentially convenient function for piecing quilts, doing embroidery and sewing light fabric. With it you can just push the lever and take the needle plate off the machine, then place new one in just a few seconds. No more screws, no more difficulties.

Variable zigzag

Zigzag width changing is another great advantage of the Memory Horizon 12000: now you start Free Motion Quilting or surface designing with a straight stitchà And change it to a 9mm zigzag without stopping! The Variable Zigzag is manipulated by your knee and you can do this even without taking your hands off the fabric.

New word in embroidering machine industry

1000 stitches per minute

The Janome Memory Horizon 12000 probably is the most perfect machine nowadays due to innovations built in it. The MC 12000 embroiders up to 1000 stitches per minute without any precision loss with any hoop. One of the biggest workspace ever û 15ö steel plate in the bed is more than convenient to place your project free, to hold your hands and control the embroidering effortlessly.

All for the precise details


Now you haven`t to worry about thin, little details of your embroidery design or stitch precision. Janome`s MC 12000 has 91 position for the needle to place it right on the needed place to start the embroidering. Another tool for accurate stitching and quilting is the HighLight: 10 built-in LEDs in 5 locations allow you to see all the project very clearly, and the new AcuView Magnifier (small but powerful lens) will show you the place you embroider as closely as never.

Stainless steel bed

Finally, the Janome Memory Horizon 12000 is one of the finest machines at the time. The innovations made with the care about its users are very impressing and look great. As always, Janome goes further in making embroidery machines and makes the most interest and cool products.

download machine embroidery design
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